US Called To Stop Taiwan President ...

Following a controversial call by US President-Elect Donald Trump to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, Beijing calls on the White House to block the pass...


Who Is Liable During A Third-Party ...

An accident leading to sustained minimal to crucial injuries in workplace where an employee performs his or her work is the definition of a work accid...


PM Urges Investors Not To Panic Ove...

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said the volatility of the Pound Sterling that had plunged it to a 31-year low should not be a cause for investor alarm....


UK Brexit Should Not Water Down Env...

According to Committee on Climate Change (CCC) Chairman Lord Krebs, the United Kingdom Post-Brexit government should not 'water-down' climate laws. ...

US Called To Stop Taiwan President From Travelling Into The United States

Following a controversial call by US President-Elect Donald Trump to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, Beijing calls on the White House to block the passage of the Taiwan President into the United States. Trump’s call to Tsai was a breach of protocol creating more tension between the US and China.

China views Taiwan as part of its province and Tsa’s authority is only a figure to China. Beijing hopes that the United States would permit their request and block the entrance of Tsai to prevent sending “wrong signals” to “Taiwan Independence Forces.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Tsai’s true aim was “self-evident” given her affiliation with the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan.

US President-Elect Donald Trump conversed with Taiwan’s President for 10 minutes, breaking protocol and infuriating China. According to sources, former Republican Presidential Nominee Bob Dole had six months in planning to establish the long-range high-level contact.

Donald Trump in a statement said advisers have briefed him about protocol and said it would displease China to which he said “screw ‘em” if they disagree with his idea. Democracy — a watchdog organisation in the United States — said Donald Trump’s actions are “very strange.” He said that by allowing Taiwan Lobbyist Bob Dole to arrange the meeting, Trump’s foreign policy has questionable integrity as Dole factors in Taiwan’s interests above the United States.”

Who Is Liable During A Third-Party Negligence-Caused Work Injury?

An accident leading to sustained minimal to crucial injuries in workplace where an employee performs his or her work is the definition of a work accident injury. Any type of injury that happens inside the workplace is a work accident injury.

Any negligence or irresponsibility an employer commits resulting to an employee’s injuries is considered an accident at work injury as well.

A third party who injures an employee outside of his workplace due to an accident or negligence through no fault on the employee’s behalf is still considered a workplace injury except the employer and the third party must discuss the details of the accident.

Whichever the outcome, the two parties — or one of the two parties — must guarantee the employee proper compensation and benefits for their injuries and other possible consequences.

The two parties can launch separate investigations against each other but the likely culprit is the third party. Employers have a responsibility to discuss the issue with the third party as the employer may choose to first take care of their employee and then claim against the third party to claim compensation for the company through the employee’s recompense.

Claims management specialists at http://www.accidentatworkclaims.co typically discuss cases like this between organisations specifically when the fault of the accident the parties cannot determine easily with the provided data.

If you have a similar scenario, you may wish to consult with a claims specialist when you can.

PM Urges Investors Not To Panic Over Latest Pound Surge

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said the volatility of the Pound Sterling that had plunged it to a 31-year low should not be a cause for investor alarm.

She said: “Currencies of course go up and down. If you stand back and look at the fundamentals of our economy, which are strong, if you look at the other economic data that has been around in recent weeks, if you look indeed at the most recent forecasts now coming out for growth in our economy this year, all of that is more positive than people had expected it to be and predicted it to be.”

She added: “The IMF themselves have upgraded their forecast for growth in the UK economy for this year. They’ve said that the response to the Brexit vote was more orderly than people had expected it to be.

“Yes, the IMF and others have said that they are forecasting a slowdown in the economy next year. What the Government needs to do is to ensure that we are taking the right approach and that in terms of the process of Brexit, we are making that as smooth as possible.”

Today, the pound sterling had fallen to $1.277 reflecting concerns in the market and the outcome of Britain’s economic future.

Prospects for UK economic growth had fallen after the IMF downgraded the UK GDP forecast for 2017 by only 1.1%. However, it raised its outlook for the UK this year by 1.8% in growth.

UK Brexit Should Not Water Down Environment Laws

According to Committee on Climate Change (CCC) Chairman Lord Krebs, the United Kingdom Post-Brexit government should not ‘water-down’ climate laws.

He said:

“It will be absolutely crucial that governments in the UK replace European legislation and don’t see this as an opportunity to say we can now have dirtier vehicles or less efficient household appliances.”

Many climate legal experts agree that EU regulation played a huge role to enforce in the UK certain industrial pollution and air quality standard rules that would help it avoid destruction and prolong biodiversity and marine conservation.

Based on his commissioned studies, reports from his researchers confirmed that Scotland’s vulnerability to global warming did not decrease. He seriously doubted the need for the Scottish government to review its Scottish climate change adaptation programme.

In a detailed climate change risk assessment for the UK released in July, the CCC said Scotland was already experiencing the first signs of climatic change, and faced huge risks if manmade warming continued, particularly to infrastructure, farming and housing.

It said annual rainfall had increased 13% since the early 20th century, while sea levels at Aberdeen had increased by about 15cm in the last century. Maximum temperatures had already increased by 1C, cutting average snow cover in the central Highlands.

Under a high-impact scenario, it said, summer temperatures in Edinburgh could rise by 4.4C by 2060, and five-day rainfall levels increase in the city by nearly 25% to 78.4mm.

The CCC’s analysis of the Scottish climate change adaptation programme, published on Tuesday, found that 109 of its 148 policies and proposals for improving resilience had no timescale for delivery, even though ministers said they were “on track”. Another 11 had been revised or delayed, and there was no information on another eight. It said good progress on adapting key target areas was only being made in two out of 28 target areas: roads and railways, and in energy distribution.

SpaceX Rocket Will Impact Industry

According  to tech business analysts, the explosion of one of SpaceX’s idle rockets would send industry repercussions nationwide.

Last week’s rocket explosion in the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation in Florida taints the first endangerment record for the company.

The  Tesla CEO-run company faced another setback the previous year after its rocket carrying a NASA cargo fell apart in flight. The piling issues — according to experts — are becoming a huge issue for the future of the company.

SpaceX’s objective is to lower space travel costs and promises to speed up launch schedules for space travel.

SpaceX’s recent issues may also compromise deals in between. One is an Israeli satellite operator’s deal to sell the company to a Chinese company. While the two customers can wait as analysts anticipate, the deal may reach a point of doubt as SpaceX will need to speed up its clearing operations with Federal Investigators.

Other clients of SpaceX, including Iridium Communications, SES of Luxembourg, Echostar and KT Corporation in South Korea, may also have to wait.

SpaceX creates a total of $127.4bn yearly for satellite launch services according to a review by the Tauri Group.

If SpaceX fails to clear in time, clients may look for other launch providers.

Guatanamo Bay Release Marks Obama’s Final Achievement

US President Barack Obama’s initial promise of closing down the “expensive and unnecessary” prison in Guatanamo Bay is coming to fruition as he reduced the number of the population from 242 to 61 prisoners.

The US Congress has blocked the transfer of high-risk detainees to US Prisons and moved to ensure that those prisoners are released to other nations securely.

Republicans condemn the last 15 men released from the Guatanamo Bay as the most dangerous and should never have been returned to their countries.

According to journalists, the prisoners come from Yemen and Afghanistan and some from undisclosed nations. They said that the men were approved to transfer to a stable country that can provide security assurances.

For the Yemeni prisoners, the men will have to be stranded until countries with stable security assurances were willing to take them in.

According to analysts, the Obama administration is trying with difficulty to zero the list of the Guatanamo bay population before Obama leaves office. The plan of the administration, according to them, was to get them into different prisoners in their respective countries.

The program may continue or discontinue as the new administration moves in.

UK Border Force Has “Worryingly Low” Patrol Boats

The UK Border Force has a “worryingly low” number of patrol boats. According to ministers, the bolster to maritime security would need eight new patrol boats that would boost the existing five-vessel fleet.

According to previous reports, it became controversial that the Force only has about three cutter vessels patrolling the 7,000 miles of coastal borders.

According to ministers, the agency would be given a “key role to implement strengthened coastal security measures.” Ministers also said the agency would need access to a sufficient number of patrol boats.

Its report added: “Only four of the new vessels are currently deployed and the remaining four will not be available for more than a year.”

The committee also warned the Government could fail to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020, saying there is “scant evidence” to suggest the target will be met by local authorities.

But David Simmonds, chairman of the Local Government Association’s Asylum, Refugee and Migration Task Group, hit back, and said: “This report is out of date.

“We are confident that there will be sufficient places that will support the Government’s pledge to resettle 20,000 people by 2020.

“The focus must now be on ensuring families are matched to the right placements and that they arrive safely and are well supported.”

Oily Fish is The Solution To Bowel Cancer

Omega-3 is a well-known anti-cancer cholesterol that cleans up the blood. According to new research, eating oily fish at least once a week allows an individual to cut their chance of death by up to 70 per cent.

By improving the intake of marine Omega-3 acids found in fish including mackerel and sardines, tumour growth and blood supply to tumours is blocked.

Researchers stress that their findings are only through observation and there is no firm conclusion from their research. However, they stressed it is the first evidence that Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

“If replicated by other studies, our results support the clinical recommendation of increasing marine omega-3 fatty acids among patients with bowel cancer,” said lead researcher Dr Andrew Chan, Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

The researchers looked at nearly 200,000 people from two large cohort studies which monitored diet and cancer prevalence.

Regular intake seemed to be especially beneficial for those who were tall, had a BMI below 25, and who did not take a regular aspirin, who lowered their risk of death by 85 per cent, 90 per cent and 88 per cent respectively.

Most of those with regular intakes of fish oil ate fish rather than supplements, so it is unknown if the link would also work for capsules.

Juno Enters Jupiter’s Orbit in Historic Five-Year Travel

NASA first shot off Juno in 2011, hoping that it would reach Jupiter with all the proper technical care and predictions intended for it to reach Jupiter in five years.

In its historic travel, the $1.1billion Juno Spacecraft had finally arrived into Jupiter’s orbit as it continues its mission to probe the origin of the Solar System.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California had cheered as the solar observatory entered its orbit around the Solar Sytem’s biggest planet.

“We are in it,” hollered Scott Bolton, Nasa’s principal investigator from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

“You are the best team ever,” he told his colleagues at mission control. “You just did the hardest thing Nasa has ever done.”

To enter Jupiter’s orbit, the spacecraft needed to traverse intense radiation and space rocks. It needed to slow down and turn off its engines effectively before it entered Jupiter’s orbit at the right moment.

Project Manager Rick Nybakken got theatrical at the press conference.

He said that before the final maneuver today, Nasa prepared a “contingency communications strategy” – what they would say to the public if things went wrong, presumably. He held that strategy up and tore it to pieces in front of the room.

“Juno sang,” he said. “And it was a song of perfection.”

Gig and Platform Economies Could Salvage Capitalism

Early capitalism was founded with the idea that man can provide for himself. By providing the best effort and improvement of services, one can conquer a market. Competition ensures the quality of products. Proper regulation by government allows competition to remain fair to all while respecting the right of each company’s patents, intellectual properties and laws concerning competition.

But with today’s capitalism and the public’s disillusion of the American dream, it has garnered a huge setback.

The arrival of superior communications technology gave rise to the “Gig Economy”, a platform-based economy that allows people to “share” their material to create income for themselves.

These include Airbnb, Uber and new services that allow people to work on their own time and add extra income or even their very income through the comfort of their own homes.

Time Magazine Assistant Managing Editor Rana Foroohar, a writer on global finance, said the gig economy gave more power to workers by allowing a widespread approach to employment. Rather than just answering to a single company, users/ employees only use a platform that does not judge and make decisions. She described it as similar to the description of British thinker Paul Mason’s work “Postcapitalism”.

She said that it is highly possible the shift to crowd-based capitalism would empower labour as it moves into a system that workers fully understand and can manage on their own.